of heaters and snow in April

I loath the cold. I loath it even more when my room is cold. Even more so when my room is cold not because it’s just downright bitter outside, but because the heat isn’t turned on. There is honestly nothing I despise more than waking up and not being able to feel my face because it’s cold. <br />
<br />
Let me explain. My college has old dorm buildings (built in the 1960’s), but someone cut some major corners when they were built and no one ever bothered to fix them. So, instead of leaving the boiler for the heater on and allowing the themostat to govern the output, they (the college) turns off the heater when it starts to get warm, so that when you end up with a cold night (such as last night) those living in the dorms must simply cope with it. I think that it’s stupid. I also think the college long since should have fixed the issue. They should pic a tempature (say 69 degrees) and keep it there for the entire year. But, for whatever reason they can’t manage to do that. Oh well. No worries, I’ll get over it, just needed to vent a bit.


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