Community? Oh yeah!

I’ve put this in my theology stuff category simply because, well…it’s a theological/biblical/church related issue. The truth of the matter is that the title of this little diddy says it all. The Christian Church often seems to make that statement. It’s like we don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing. We’re supposed to be the Body of Christ, an entity based on community. Yet so often we end up doing the opposite and tearing our brothers and sisters down! Ya know, I think that sometimes we just need to shutup, sit down, and listen. Just be there and be with someone. Don’t judge, don’t condemn (oh sure, if there is sin don’t condone it…but don’t beat someone who’s repentent with the Bible), don’t do anything! Just be there for people. That’s what community is about, sharing life together. The church needs to get on board with that. Maybe I should write a book called "Communitology: The lost doctrine." Either way we need to get on board and do what Jesus wanted us to, and that is be unified. The first step to that is experiencing authentic community, real shared life, with people who you know and interact with on a daily basis. Just be there. Don’t lie to your brothers and sisters in Christ when they ask "How’re you?" Be honest. Have community.


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