Easter Break

Well, easter break is well under way. Personally I’m going to lobby for it to be called spring break. Or "almost the end of semester" break. I keep calling it spring break…and it makes sense, considering spring has sorta start now in my part of the world while back a month ago when we had "Spring Break" it was still winter really. I suppose I’m not in charge of stuff like that though, so I don’t have much say. Maybe I’ll run for student government at Davis College and make a change in that. Or, maybe I’ll be lazy and not bother. Last year one of the Deans tried to talk me into running for SG President, I declined. I really don’t have much desire to run for any type of student government office. I view the Student Government at our school as a kind of public relations figure head. But, enough about Student Government at Davis College. <br />
<br />
Easter Break is off to a decent start. It technically began today, and I’m looking forward to the remainder of it (break ends on Monday). As I type this I’m sitting at my dad’s computer, I’m at home, enjoying good homecooked meals…Well, okay, I’ve yet to have one of those homecooked meals but I’m sure it’s coming…maybe tommorow night? Certainly Easter dinner will be good, maybe I’ll help cook it – I do enjoy cooking after all. My brother did an excellent job at his basketball game last night. It was his last game of the season and I’m really glad I could make it down to see him. His team one, and he got a double – double. <img src="http://aidan.strateia.org/templates/default/img/emoticons/smile.png&quot; alt=":)" style="display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;" class="emoticon" /> <br />
<br />
Today I kindda relaxed and watched Hangman’s Curse, the movie adaptation of Frank Peretti’s book. It was actually sorta decent. Makes me want to go watch a good drama, or read a good book. Oh well, perhaps I’ll go do that now. <br />
As you must have noticed, this post has been kindda jumbled and random (it’s okay, get over it…see the name of this blog). Updates will undoubtedly be slower over break. Not that there is really anyone who really checks this site on a daily basis. <img src="http://aidan.strateia.org/templates/default/img/emoticons/wink.png&quot; alt=";)" style="display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;" class="emoticon" />


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