Blood-sucking Governmental Bureaucrats

Ack! I am so glad I will be moving to New York! Let me just excercise my right to free speech and protest the incredibly stupid taxes of the wonderful state…no, not even, wonderful commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I just did up my taxes, and the Federal Government, God bless them, will be paying me some money. Whereas the state…no, commonwealth government will be taking some of my hard earned cash. No wonder Pennsylvania has one of the highest poverty levels in the country! They take all the money from their hardworking citizens. Poor steel workers in Pittsburg. It’s most likely a drastic conspiracy of the commonwealth (they don’t even deserve to be called a state. We only have 49 states, let’s remove PA’s star!), it’s simply ridiculous when a young college student who works hard trying to get by ends up paying the government taxes…for what? For what I ask? What has Pennsylvania given to me? I’m so young I couldn’t even vote in the last election! NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, that’s what I say! <br />
<br />
Okay, I’m done with my senseless rant now. You should note that the above opinions are simply the ravings of a slightly deranged mind under the stress of having to pay the government for services that…ummm…that they never actually rendered? Or had any intent of rendering?


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