The use of Liturgy

Now, I’m all in to postmodern ministry. I think that it’s by far the more relevant option for the culture in which we live. One big thing that "postmodern ministry" involves is a sort of blending between old style (ie litugies) and new methodologies (ie the whole praise band thing). Well, I visited my home church today, as I was home with family for Easter Break. Let me tell you, my dad (the Senior Pastor) has made some sweeping changes, that I think are really for the better. For instance, the people didn’t sit in typical rows. Rather they sat in half-circles, about 8 chairs per group, and about 8 groups of chairs. That was the first thing that was different, it was very cool though, and apparently his messages haven’t been very long recently, rather it’s been almost like a small group discussion time. Which is simply awesome. But today was especially cool. Being Resurrection Sunday and all we partook of the ordinance of Holy Communion. But instead of passing out the little cracker things, and little cups of grape juice they dimmed the lights, and played the soundtrack from the Passion. Then, as each person felt ready to take communion they went to the front of the room and knelt in front of the pastor. He held the bread as they took a piece, then he held the cup with the grape juice as they dipped the bread. The whole time saying something like, "His body that was broken for you. His blood that was spilled for your forgiveness. Remember Him as you do this." Then he’d place his hand on one of the shoulders of the people kneeling and he’d pray a small benediction over them. It was simply incredible. Sure, not very easy to do in a larger church…but awesome none the less.


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