All good things…

‘Tis true. All good things must come to an end, and so it is with Easter Break. Latter today I will be returning to Davis College to finish out this semester. But, things are looking up, I think I have re-planned me last two semesters, and they shouldn’t be overly difficult. Moreover I’ve had a great and relaxing break, aside from the blood-sucking govermental…err…anyway. I even found a new Linux Distro that I’m going to try as soon as I get the chance. So, all in all this break has gone great. Now I just need to get through everything that I need to get through to end this semester, then make it through the month of May, then I’ll be married and I can have a great summer before the start of classes next fall…and I’ll be a senior then! How exciting. <img src="; alt=":)" style="display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;" class="emoticon" />


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