Running for Student Government

The title says it all. I’m running for student government at my college. To be more specific I’m running for Student Body President. We’ll see how it goes, the elections are this comming Wednesday. What possessed me to run you ask? Well, for starters I’m tired of being apathetic concerning what happens at Davis College. I’m going to make a difference, leave my mark as it were…and I think God really wants me to. I’m excited about it…so we’ll see how things go. But God has been convicting me about apathy these past few days, and so I shall attempt to "seize the day" as the saying goes. Also, here is a copy of my letter of intent that will be published here at the school on Monday.<br />
<br />
The mission statement of the student government is to promote the well being of the students and express their concerns to the administration. It is my conviction that the student government of Davis College must accomplish this purpose. As president of the student body I would seek to facilitate the success of this mission. My qualifications for the office of president include serving as the vice president of the class of 2005 during my freshman and sophomore years. In addition, I have participated in various leadership roles in Christian and secular organizations. My desire is to see the student government of Davis College achieve something truly incredible. The student government has great potential to uplift the spiritual community of this college. Above all, I wish for Davis College to become a college that is known for its genuine students and honest campus community, and as a place that strives to fight against the sin of apathy. This is an exciting time to be involved at Davis College. As the student body, why don’t we take this opportunity to make a difference in the college community? We can make a difference that will be remembered long after we graduate. Finally, in the interest of unity and effectiveness, I request that you not only cast your vote for me as President of the Student Body, but that you also cast your vote for Len Flack as Vice President, Diana Stiles as Secretary, and Mandy Clark as Treasurer.


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