Harry Potter: Friend, Foe, or Fiction?

Well, the new Harry Potter movie (The third, titled "The Prisoner of Azkaban") helped push the June boxoffice to record numbers. The title for the next installment of the Harry Potter books has been announced. The next book has been officially dubbed, <i>Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince</i>. This recent attention to the series has called to the front of many minds the continued disagreement in the Christian world over Harry Potter. Many well known Christian leaders remain convinced that Harry Potter draws unsuspecting readers into the occult. Still other Christians explain that Harry Potter has many redeeming qualities. <br />
<br /><br />
As with any belief, one must be sure that it is his belief because he really believes it, not just because someone else told him to… <br /><a href="http://aidan.strateia.org/index.php?/archives/24-guid.html#extended">Continue reading "Harry Potter: Friend, Foe, or Fiction?"</a>


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