Libraries: Blessed Havens

Yes, that’s what I think of Libraries, at least good ones. The local county library is wonderful were I live. I have discovered, for the first time in many years, that if I wish to read a book there is no need to buy it! I can simply check it out from the library. It’s wonderful! This summer I’ve returned to reading for pure enjoyment. It really is quite wonderful. I could see myself spending loads of time in the library just reading if I was a little younger and not married. Which is what got this entry put in the Geek World category. <br />
<p><br />
Of course, there are bad libraries too. The kind that don’t have a good selection, or who feel the need to boss you around or be snobbish. Libraries to me, are either a source of great joy and happiness…or sources of unneeded stress. Luckily my public library is the former. To all you other avid readers out there, I say ado. I’m off to continue reading <i>The Cat who read Backwards</i>. The first in the Cat Who series. My wife introduced me to them, and although I’ve only just begun the first book it seems quite good.


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