Marriage r0×0rz!

Okay, forgive my use of an antiquated 90’s teen cracker term. But, I couldn’t resist. At anyrate, it’s true. Marriage is wonderful…and no, not just because of sex! Sure, sex is awesome, and I’m so glad that I was a virgin when I got married, but marriage is more. Marriage is me being able to hold my wife, the love of my life, my <b>best friend</b> in my arms and just talk about her day. Marriage is coming home and being greeted by a kiss. Marriage is opening myself completely and totally to my wife. Marriage is listening to each other rant about unhappy things that happened during the day. Marriage is jumping up and down crazily when something good happens. Marriage is being goofy. Marriage is being wierd. Marriage is more than all those, of course. But marriage is awesome. It rocks…I’m so glad that God allowed me to find and marry my best friend, my soulmate. Simply incredible.


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