All shapes and sizes

Well, I’ve been looking about the great expanse known as the internet trying to find topic icons. It’s been fun. Over the past few days I’ve also googled around a bit trying to find websites about Christian Community. I’ve found very few. I’d be glad to take a look at any sites you all might have found regarding the subject. If I search for "Online Christian Community" I get even fewer results. <br />
<br />
So, here are my thoughts: Ministry comes in all shapes and sizes, and we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace various types of ministry. At the same time, we shouldn’t embrace one way of doing ministry so strongly that all the others get thrown out. For instance, I think it’s awesome for someone to participate in an internet "church" type thing. However, I would hit the person on the back of the head if the substituted an internet church for a local church that they attended regularly. On the same token, if someone at the local church critized internet churches I would find a way to lovingly rebuke them, because – well, we’ve done enough fragmenting of the church. Ministry comes in all shapes and sizes, we must acknowledge that fact.<br />
<br />
Twenty years ago, at the start of the 80’s the church threw out alot of stuff that previous generations had found important. We made church "relevent" and that was an awesome move! The problem wasn’t in making church relevent, it was in throwing out the good things from past generations. Now we have teens and young adults not crying for relevence, but for authenticity. For the next 20 years we’ll work on making the church "authentic", and I hope, I really really hope, that 20 years down the line we don’t look back and say "we threw the baby out with the bath water." Let’s keep what’s good from the contemporary church today, bring back some of the good things from the church of the early-mid 19th century, and maybe go back even further to the ancient creeds and ceremony! Let’s make a church that is balanced, well rounded, and – authentically relevent.


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