School = Learning or School = Assessment?

So, Davis College, the school that I attend has come up with an excellent idea. They make all seniors take a class….and pay for a class…that is only taking tests. So I’m paying for the school to assess me. Sounds a bit under the table to me. But they say alot of colleges do that now. <strong>shrugs</strong> My big thing is that I’m taking Greek one which is in the same time slot, which means I miss one greek class a week. I’m already behind (missed the first class) and I’ll be missing my first quiz this Wednesday. Hmmm…so, I’m being assessed, but someone has forgotten I’m here to learn, not be assessed. So…I’m frustrated. I’ll take the assessment tests and all, I just wish I could learn, ya know, do what I came here to do…learn greek, exegete the Bible, know God better? That type of thing. But, instead I have to miss the learning for the assessment.


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