Interesting read…

Well, <a herf="">this article</a> is quite interesting. It is a conversation between several gentleman (and one lady) regarding racism in the postmodern context. The reason I bring it up on my blog is because I think it may relate to what I was just blogging about (the whole community/emergent church thing). For instance, there is a section in the conversation where the participants discuss "multicultural worship gatherings" and many of the negatives. In any worship gathering like that there is a certain amount of assimilation expected. They make the arguement that whites tend to dominate even in multicultural settings like that. I’m not sure I agree with them on that, but nevertheless it brings up an interesting point for discussion: is it the same thing with the emergent church? Meaning that if the old guard and the people who have fought the old guard to get contemporary worship and the emergent church try to get together and have authentic community would it just involve everyone assimilating to a point where their needs really aren’t met? Or would one group come to dominate the others? <br />
<br />
Perhaps it boils down to this…as much as I cry for authentic community, is it humanly possible to have authentic community with the entire church? Meaning, can I really have authentic community with those who are 40 years removed from my generation? It would be so nice to say that the answer was no. Yet, James clearly explains that the church should not be divided on socio-economic grounds (James 2.1-4). Didn’t Paul indicate that the old distinctions that the world places on things no longer (or at least <b>should</b> no longer) hold sway in the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12.12-27)? <br />
<br />
So, based on those verses I think we can get a few things. First, we can’t just seperate on grounds of race, socio-economic standing, or even culture. To that extent a little assimilation is required. But we are supposed to be "assimilating" into the Body of Christ as a whole, not any one groups idea of the Body of Christ. But, then we’re back to my question from my last post…how do we do that? How does that look practically? Secondly I think that those verses, more so the Pauline passage, indicate that my generation certainly can’t say to another generation, "We have no need of you, we’ll do our own thing." Perhaps seperate worship services are okay. For the purpose of meeting the needs of each group. But we can’t be antagonistic toward those other groups…


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