Thunderbird is out!

Okay, so this is like, a week late to anyone who bothers to frequent Mozillazine or basically to anyone who isn’t living under a rock; but Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 is out. I downloaded the Window$ binary earlier this week, and after accidently uninstalling Firefox and Thunderbird today (don’t ask, long story, didn’t uninstall to upgrade from 0.9.2 for either of them, just moved directory and installed) I decided to go ahead and install T-bird 1.0…I love it, I mean, not much has changed since rc1, which is fine. <br />
<br />
I played around with the RSS feeds in Thunderbird a bit, and after fixing my proxy settings they work like a charm. I now have RSS feeds for my friends’ blogs in my mail program, which is stellar! What will the open source community come up with next? The people who say Firefox is causing Balmer to lose sleep probably aren’t far off the mark. F/OSS is maturing, and I for one am enjoying reaping the benefits.


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