It’s over! The semester is done. That means I only have one more semester to go. A semester where I will probably destroy my GPA. Which is okay I guess…just somewhat disappointing. I was going to graduate Suma Cum Laude, but a C in Greek 1 destroyed that possibility. I’m now looking at Magna Cum Laude, but Greek 2 will probably destroy that this coming semester. So, I think I can at least assume I’ll graduate Cum Laude. <br />
<br />
I honestly wonder sometimes if I’m GOOD at anything. I mean, I’m okay with Linux…but I’m not good with it. I thought I had done an excellent job researching and doing a paper on the life of Peter…but apparently not. I’m probably going to do horrible in Wisdom Books next semester (me…wisdom…wow). I don’t know what I’m good at in life. I don’t know the languages enough to be a scholar. I can’t sing. I’m not a great counselor. I need work on my leadership skills. I don’t administer things that wonderfully. I mean…what am I good at? I just don’t know. <strong> sigh </strong> Well, I think I’m going to go and be depressed now. Have a great day everyone.


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