Backup is a go!

Well, today I finished (for the most part) setting up the various workstations around campus to backup to our new Backup server. We’re using rsync and a Windows application called NasBackup which allows us to avoid having to install cygwin and all and configure all that. It’s nice. I’m pleased. I still need to do a few machines. Namely our few Linux workstations (I’m working on a shell script to automate the rsync stuff) as well as a workstation or two that wasn’t in (meaning the professor was out of the office for the past week *cough*seavey*cough*). I’m pleased so far with things…and Dr. Snyder likes it. He’s been talking to me recently about convincing everyone else to backup and getting people to become backup more often and such. The nice thing about NasBackup is that I can automate all the backups, which is very nice. Also, NasBackup has been having some trouble running on Win98SE machines. I think it’s an issue with warping the error/rsync messages through the .exe file. Who knew? <br />
<br />
So, there are only maybe 3 machines still running Win98SE on campus, so we just need to get those running Windows and we’ll be good. So, I’ve had a productive few days…and I’m quite pleased. Have a good one.


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