Jesus is the reason for the season…right?

Well, Sunday School went well today. We talked about Jesus today because my wife said we had to <img src="; alt=":)" style="display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;" class="emoticon" />. It was a good idea. Things went pretty well. I noticed several people paying attention. It still amazes me how the church as a whole has missed it though. I mean, Jesus came for more than just keeping believers out of hell. I asked "Why did Jesus come?" and I got the expected answers and of course the even-present "So that, if you put your faith in Him, you won’t go to hell." I also find it interesting how some of the teens said something like "He died for the whole world." Which shows that they are hardly Calvinists…but I digress. Anyway, it took a good 5-10 minutes of questioning before someone finally came up with the answer, "So He could understand what we go through." I mean, that is at least nominally played up by most people over Christmas time. Now, I’m guessing two reasons it took so long…A) These teens haven’t always cared about God or the Bible, and some of them are just now getting to the point where they do care so I need to be fair in my expectations. B) To some extent the blame has to lie with their parents/church as a whole for not teaching this enough/plain enough for them to get. Of course, I have to be honest…I would have answered much like they did today up until two-three years ago. I would have gotten the part about Him understanding us a bit sooner (I think), but the second point I wanted to make…that He came so that those who believe in Him could live holy lives…wow, three years ago I just didn’t realize that was a reason He came. I’ve learned more and more that that is one of the MAJOR reasons he came. Both from James, 1 John, Romans, and various other epistles, as well as from the Gospels themselves (the Benedictus for instance). <br />
<br />
So anyway, Sunday School went well. As I said, some of them are starting to pay attention, and starting to care. There is one guy in particular that I can’t quite pin down yet. He’s interesting to me. He seems to put on the "cool guy" exterior but I can’t help thinking that on the inside he’s kindda soft. I can’t say specifically why I feel that way…but I do. We shall see. Wednesday should be fun, we’re having a Christmas party thing of sorts. Then on Thursday Mandy and I are off to the in-laws (her parents) for about 5 days. Then to my Grandparents for New Years. So, I may update my blog while I’m at my in-laws, but at the grand’rents I won’t have a connection. <br />
<br />
On a more personal note this December 28th, my 20th birthday, will be the first birthday that I haven’t been with my own family. Now this should be interesting.


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