Ya know, ministry is great…and terrible at the same time. I mean, God uses you in some incredible ways. But it can also be incredibly discouraging at times. I just hope that God is using me…in spite of my own faults and sins. I mean, I mess up…I’m not perfect (as anyone who has bothered to read this blog would know). Yes God still uses me. Sometimes I can’t see how he’s using me. Sometimes I don’t think he is. But I guess I just have to have faith that he is. Take right now for instance…I don’t feel "used by God" or anything. Actually, I’m in a bit of a down time. Basically I’ve figured out that I have put about as much time into the Youth Ministry as I can…and more time needs to be put into it. Right now things are frustrating a bit. We canceled our December Youth staff meeting due to so many people being away. That is okay…but it just means I feel like we’ve been set back a bit organizationally. Strategically speaking I think we’re going to begin doing some personal development type things in the youth staff meetings (personality profiles, talking about our gifts/talents/desires, etc). I get the feeling that everyone shows up on Wednesday nights and doesn’t know what their roles are. Now, I’m not one for strictly defined rules (ie, "You hand out the drinks…and that’s it!")…but it helps if people know where they fit (and hence why they are vitally important to the ministry). It’s a belonging thing. It needs to start with the leaders…if we, as the youth ministry staff are unified and feel like we belong I think that, to some extent at least, that will "trickle down" to the teens on Wednesday nights (and other events, Sunday School, etc). Wow…look at me. I could write a book…"The Reaganomics of Youth Ministry"<br />
<br />
Anyway, I don’t really know why I posted. Just to rant. I needed to express that I feel like we’ve been set back a bit (not terminally, just slightly frustrated because of the fact we cancelled our meeting. I’m not mad…it just gives me a set back feeling). Also, just to get some of my thoughts regarding the youth ministry out. Things have improved. I think that they will continue to improve. We just need to work closely and get to know each other on the staff better. Of course, somemore time each week…maybe an extra two hours a day…for me to prepare lessons, email teens, etc, etc. I long for the day whenever I can actually put a decent amount of time into lesson prep. I’m quite sure even then I’ll feel like it isn’t enough. But at least I can put somemore time into it. Or just to have time set aside to deal with the youth ministry (one…8-5 or whatever…). I mean, I set time aside now, but it’s different every week. I can’t get into any kind of routine. It’s hard. Which is okay…it’ll just be nice when I can have some kind of schedule. Hehe…I guess God is right, I am going to be a youth pastor one day. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. <strong>shakes head</strong> God has a funny way of getting people to learn things sometimes. Now, if I could just find those couple extra hours….


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