Christmas Eve

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m at my in-laws house. Things are going pretty good. We’ve been putting together a fairly difficult puzzle for most of the day. Right now I’m sending some test emails to my brother-in-law (he’s only 9), and I decided I’d post an update to my blog. So far things have been fun. The drive down was gloomy, but there was a beautiful double rainbow when we arrived late yesterday afternoon. We got the Accord inspected, and all checked out for another 12 months. So I’m happy about that. We went to Pizza Hut for dinner last night and tried their new "Full House" pizza. It’s pretty good. I think I like it a little better than the Big New Yorker. <br />
<br />
Tonight, after dinner, we’re going to a Christmas Eve program at the in-laws church. Then its back home to maybe watch the one Christmas movie about the kid and the bee-bee gun ("You’ll shoot your eye out!"), or maybe to watch "The Complete Bean" with Rolin Atkinson. Either way, tonight should prove enjoyable. Then tomorrow is Christmas. It should be good (I want to see Mandy’s reaction to some of the stuff I got her)…but I’m also kindda sad in a way. This will be my first Christmas when I’m not at my families house, or with my family in some way. So it’ll be weird. Then not "having Christmas" until the 29th with my family will be even weirder. Oh well…it should be a fun time.


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