My Birthday!

Hey all! It’s my Birthday! I’m now no longer a teenager. Twenty years ago (almost to the minute) I was born in Cumberland Maryland. Wow…two decades? I feel old. Oh well…today has been great so far. Mandy took me out for lunch at a local pizza place that we both love. Then I just lounged and read the paper, then read another few chapters in <i>The Prisoner of Azkaban</i>. So…life is good. I’m having a cake and ice cream here this evening. Then I’ll open a few presents…then tomorrow Mandy and I head up to Meme’s for New Years. Mom actually called today and didn’t cry, even if today was the first time she hasn’t been with me on my birthday. I was impressed. <br />
<br />
Well, I hope Xmas has been going great for everyone who has been reading this…Which probably amounts to a total of maybe five people. But…that’s part of the excitment of blogs…you never fully know who is reading this. Perhaps one of my professors from school. Though I have no idea how anyone of them would have gotten this blog addy. Either way, have a great holiday everyone. Mandy and I are really being refreshed and we look forward to getting back to home after the festivities and getting back into ministry at Berean.


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