Back to the grind

Well, school has started back up and I think this semester is going to be excellent! I only have four classes, which is nice. I’m also continuing my internship at Berean, which is just awesome! I’ve learned so much…and I’m still learning! Experience really is a good teacher. Speaking of experience, I’m getting a chance to put what I learned in Hebrew III into practice. Professor Berkheiser (sp?) has us doing a exegesis paper in both Daniel and Revelation. I’ve actually translated, from Hebrew, my passage in Daniel…and I’m working on diagraming it…which is just simply awesome! Of course, Berkheiser also has us doing like…five papers in that class. So I’m glad I only have four classes. If I had my normal six class load, I don’t know what I would’ve done this semester. Thus is being a senior. Can’t wait for grad work, yay! <br />
<br />
So, anyway…school is back in full swing and we’ll see how things go, I think it’ll be a great semester. Fifteen weeks and I graduate!


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