Er…the world turns…

…or something along those lines. Life has been pretty standard over the past few weeks. I’m doing school. I’m doing youth ministry. I’m doing work. That type of thing. All pretty standard. Which is not to say some exciting stuff hasn’t been happening. My classes are pretty good. There is a new couple at church that is going to be joining our adult Youth Ministry Staff. I’m building relationships with teens. Sunday School went really well this past week. We have some great things planned for Wednesday nights as well as some ideas for discipleship stuff at church. Mandy and I are going to become members at Berean. So yeah, things are good.<br />
<br />
Basically I’m just updating this for the sake of updating and letting everyone know I haven’t fallen off the planet. MSN isn’t responding at the moment (can’t sign on with GAIM). So yeah…life. Anyway, I guess that’s about all I have to yak about. Talk to ya all later.


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