Shakedown! – Update 2

Well, the class is over and the server held together just fine. It did eventually use 70Mb of swap space, but that’s fine. No one noticed a slowdown. Mrs. Rutter said that no one had any problem with any of the systems. Though the power cord did come loose on one monitor. All in all, it went quite well. The processes actually cleared out just fine (meaning no more stupid gam_server and SSHagent running even after a user logs out). I just umounted a few local device directories that hadn’t been properly umounted (perhaps I need to check the script). So, there is currently a low load of about 4-5 users. The server is going just fine, and everything is working. Quite the shakedown, 19 users…I’m proud of my little system. It held up well. Once we upgrade to 4 Gigs of RAM this summer and perhaps move to Xfce I’m quite sure that this server will be able to handle 25 or 30 students and not get into SWAP. So yeah, anyway…I’ve yakked enough. We shall see how the server does later today.


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