Hot, hot, hot!

I hate not having A/C. It’s just far to hot, even if I do live in New York. Which brings up an interesting thought. I mean, lots of people live in far more heat than I’m having to deal with and they don’t complain. It’s just normal for us Americans to complain about everything that doesn’t suit us perfectly. Now, I do want A/C, but let’s be honest…I could survive. Now, it is true that I’m not used to the heat like most people who live in parts of the world were you just have to deal with it. The biggest thing is that I have a hard time getting a good nights sleep when I’m all hot and sweaty, on the other hand…there’s another complaint. It is so interesting how much I complain.

So, that’s my little rant-out-of-nowhere for today. I’m currently actually enjoying bittorrent. I’m downloading all four iso files for CentOS. We’re going to be switching from the Fedora Core series to CentOS (which is based on SRPM rebuilds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux). The Fedora Legacy project can’t get its act together, and so one of my servers is already behind on updates. CentOS 4 on the other hand is going to receive updates until 2012, which is much longer than it’ll be in use on our machines, but 2010 isn’t unrealistic since I intend our web and email to just stay put for several years after this summer.


2 thoughts on “Hot, hot, hot!

  1. Hey man, it’s not the hotness thats the problem. It’s more of the humidity. When I was in Camada, Peru (the second dryest area in the world) back in 2001, I was working in relatively warm conditions. However, there was no sweat upon my brow. It was the most exhilirating thing in the world; to be able to work without sweating. It did have its setbacks though: chapped lips.

  2. That’s true. I hate humidity. Of course, that is why A/C makes things feel so much better, even if it doesn’t actually cool the house that much it does take the humidity out of the air. I imagine that working without sweating would be quite the experience…maybe I’ll put it on my to-do list. 😉

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