Chapters 1&2

Okay, so, I need a way to process what I’m reading, or at least begin to process what I’m reading. As I mentioned in a recent post I’m currently working my way throughThe Church in Emerging Culture. The posts that have the title “Chapter #” may be a bit unorganized (as if any of these posts are disertation quality anyway!) and downright confusing. I’m just trying to work my way through this and have a conversation…where’s Wezlo when you need him? šŸ˜‰

So, let me dive right in. I’ve finished the first two chapters so far. The first chapter was an excellent introduction by Leonard Sweet that really could be a little book in its own right, provided he would have made more of a conclusion. Obviously, the rest of the book will be his conclusion, but that first chapter certainly got me thinking. After some introductory information and such (brief discussion of Christ and Culture which was written long before I was born) Sweet got into things. Basically he plotted the four general conditions in which Christian faith can be practiced. He readily admits that this is open to critique and is a generalization when generalizations can be dangerous, but the book is built around it. Basically the four areas are:

1. Low change in message/low change in method
2. Low change in message/high change in method
3. High change in message/low change in method
4. High change in message/high change in method

Now, for those of you who just wrote 3 and 4 off as crazy libral psychos…at least let’s try to dialogue first. Sweet then goes on to use the analogy of gardens (1), parks (2), glens (3), and meadows (4). To further describe the four areas. The problem, as Sweet mentioned is that these are all generalizations and indeed, by design, extremes. I doubt that I fall squarly into any of the catagories…though based simply on the introduction I’d guess I fall somewhere in the park (that is, #2)…but perhaps not completely in since I do, at the least, share some thoughts with the glen. But that will hopefully be clarified as I read more. I’m excited to see what I learn as I read what the contributors actually share and explore.

Chapter two was informative more than earth shattering. Basically it served to briefly introduce the five authors. Since I already knew something about two of them (McLaren and McManus) it was a little redundant. But it did serve to give me an idea of what area each of the contributors fell into, though I’m still not sure on two of them. So, it should be an interesting read over the next week or two.


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