Back from vacation

Well, I’m back from vacation. It was nice to get away. I enjoyed myself, which is a good thing. The problem is now that I’m back home I just feel…well, just all the stress and such is back (not that it was really gone on vacation). I just, it’s hard. I hope that things can get resolved quickly at church, though I have a feeling that my life is gonna pretty much suck from here on out. Though my wife tries to assure me that life doesn’t always suck. Perhaps I’m just having a bad year. Of course, if I say in 2014, “Perhaps I’m just having a bad decade,” then we’ll know that I was right and my wife was wrong. But since I’ve learned to trust Mandy’s judgment on things I’ll go with her being right. 🙂

On a different note my In-laws recently went on a missions trip to Mexico and they were telling us how one of the Mexican pastors refused to give the devotional he was supposed to give on the night he was supposed to give it because he “had something against his brother.” He got it right the next day apparently because he agreed to give the devotion the following night. So that’s pretty cool. I just like hearing examples of, you know, the church actually being the church. It may seem a very simply little thing, but it shows me that that Mexican pastor is authentic far beyond where most of us in the good ol’ US of A are even close to being.


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