True to my self

I just had an excellent conversation with JJ. It was refreshing, encouraging, and filled with wisdom. As a result I’ve been thinking about being true to myself, and have come up with the following…

I am Calvin Park. I am married to my wonderful wife, Mandy. I love Jesus. I want to learn more about the Bible and Biblical Languages. I enjoy Anime. I enjoy RPGs and fantasy. I am a sci-fi fan. I read Star Wars novels, and play the games. I am a poweruser, but probably not quite a true geek. I like colorful shirts. I also like Star Trek. I have a passion for ministering to students. I am a dynamic and unorthodox teacher. I am not Chris Seavey. I am not George Snyder. I am not Stan Baker. Although I can learn from each of them, I am not them.

That is okay. That is me.


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