Looking to the future

Wow, I just had a geek moment. When I typed the title for this entry (looking to the future) I heard this alien voice in my head saying, “Difficult to see the future is. Clouded by the dark side many things are.” *deep breath* anyway…

In keeping with my recent focus on being true to myself I thought I’d just rant and ramble (you were expecting a thoughtful essay perhaps? I may be capable of them, but rarely do they show up on my blog) about what my future might hold. I am seriously thinking about this degree. Not that I’m applying or anything. But I’m thinking about it seriously enough that I decided to take an undergraduate course in educational methods to see if I think I could stomach an entire graduate level degree in education. I’m somewhat torn in looking at this degree. On the one hand I want to learn more content (the Bible, Biblical Languages, etc, etc), but on the other I have an excellent foundation from Davis College when it comes to the Bible. I think I could really benefit from a graduate degree that is designed to teach me about the theory behind education, as well as practical things like designing lesson plans and preparing units. I need to learn how to deliver the content in a more effective way. Too often I think those in the church are clueless when it comes to how people learn, hence we fail as teachers. But my passion is the content, not the delivery.

Moreover, what church is going to hire a youth pastor with an MS in Educational Studies who has every intention of writing his own curriculum? I mean, it’s hard enough to find youth pastors who have a passion for discipleship (most are passionate about evangelism…and there is nothing wrong with that, praise God!). I have a passion for discipleship, and I want to learn how I can help students learn better. I think that MS would help me to do that. I mean, I get excited when I think about sitting down and spending hours researching and planning lessons, creating units and preparing to deliver some excellent lessons that cater to a variety of learning types and styles. Yet what I get even more excited about is delivering the information to the students and seeing them grow closer to God as they learn (not only about the Bible, but about their relationship with him!).

So, that’s where I am educationally as I look towards the future. I’m hoping that this class this semester will give me a better idea. Dr. Snyder thinks an MS in Educational Studies is a great idea. But I also thought the MA in Biblical Languages was a good idea. I’m interested in what Mr. Seavey thinks about the MS. For what it’s worth my Mom thinks the MS is a great way to go, but she fully expects me to go into academics after a few years as a youth pastor, so maybe she’s biased.

Time for me to go and drown my thoughts (read: doubts) in a bowl of peanut butter cup ice cream.


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