Well, just a quick update here. First, a shout out to Art, my reformed friend who’s currently at Westminster, and just recently posted a comment to my blog. Now, on to my main point:

I had the day off of work, which was quite nice – even if a bit boring. I had the chance to get done quite a bit of work though. The first bit was a project for a class I’m taking at Davis College (can’t beat free tuition!) on methods in education. I’m really quite excited about the course, and it’s quickly convincing me that a Master of Science in Educational Studies from Binghamton University would be extremely beneficial to me. Anyway, the project is a unit plan and a lesson plan (the lesson plan will be taught in class next Monday evening). I’ve discovered a lot about teaching in the few weeks that I’ve been taking the course, and it’s very helpful. I think that the church would benefit greatly if pastor’s took a class such as this instead of homeletics. I’d say inductive bible study + education course > homeletics + hermenuetics (at least at Davis).

But, I’m not just benefiting from the class by typing a unit and lesson plan. I’m also preparing a “sermon” that I’ll be delivering next week at my father’s church. Except I’m deliberately refering to this sermon as a “lesson.” I’m preparing it and putting it in a lesson plan format, and I’m using concepts out of my textbook to develop and lay it out. I’m excited about how its shaping up so far. It should prove to be an excellent lesson, God willing. I’m just really looking forward to giving it and seeing how things go. It is a different way of developing things from what I’ve been taught in the past, and I think it is a better (read: more effective at teaching learners) way to go about “sermon” preparation.

Alright, I’m done.


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