My weekend

Well, my weekend went pretty well. Went down to my ‘rents so Mandy and I could see them, and say hi to my brother Jarred during his fall break. The visit went well. We saw The Greatest Game Ever Played which turned out to be quite good. Played Yahtzee (sp?) until late at night, so that was fun. Mandy sang at church, and she has such a wonderful voice, I always love it when she sings. I did the “message” though it was really much more of a lesson, and it went really well. Everyone seemed to get something out of it and truly benefit from it. I hope that people actually put into practice what I challenged them to, but even if not, I have benefitted because I think this idea of education is certainly something I should pursue a bit more. God has sorta confirmed that to me.

I also got to see Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Japanese with English subs). My brother Andrew had a copy in MPEG-4, so we watched that and it was quite fun. I enjoy spending time with my brothers. I’m not gonna write much more, since I am a little tired from this weekend. However, I just realized that this morning I wasn’t as completely drained after teaching as a normally am. Maybe teaching Sunday School for so long at Berean has helped, or maybe it was because I knew the material well and it was far more interactive (ie, less me talking and keeping attention). I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was still work, and took a bit out of me, but normally I’m exhausted afterwards. Interesting. Mandy mentioned that I seemed to be more in my element and more myself with the way I did things this morning…maybe she was right on more levels than one (she usually is). Adios.


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