What is it with birds?

Flickr Photo Okay, so, this is like…a blog entry. Obviously. However, I’m not typing this from the normal web interface that I use for my blog. No, I’m typing this from Flock! Flock is a new web browser built (shamelessly) on top of the Firefox code base. In fact, it looks pretty much identical to Firefox, aside from some minor cosmetic changes.

Flock doesn’t aim to be a different look to Firefox though (ever heard of themes?), it aims to integrate the web experience. For instance, your bookmarks are stored online and are viewable by friends, etc, etc. I really couldn’t care less, nice if I move from computer to computer a lot, so I can see it’s uses. This blogging feature is sorta nice. More so since you can literally go to a site, open the blog dialogue, drag some text from the site, and away you go.

Flock also has a nifty little search rememberer thingy. That is to say, when you want to use the search box, you simply type in the first part of a search, and it will search your history and your favorites to find things that match that entry. A decent little idea.

The thing that keeps running through my mind as I use Flock is, “Why not just make a Firefox extension?” The bookmark/favorite site they use already has a Firefox extension if you want it, and this blog tool, although nice, would probably be quite easy to integrate via an extension. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being critical of the guys. This is what open source is all about. I just don’t personally see enough that’s different from Firefox to justify me changing. Call me a Firefox fanboy, I don’t care. 😉 The second thing that keeps running through my mind is…what in the world kind of unholy fetish do developers have with birds? Firebird (now Firefox), Thunderbird, Sunbird, and now flock? What’s next…Gnu‘s with wings?

P.S. Okay, that worked okay, accept when you put HTML tags in the text it assumes you want to show the code, not actually link…my bad…(stupid WYSIWYG editors). Also, it didn’t allow me to use categories. Feature request time!


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