I hate Microsoft

/Begin Rant

I HATE MICROSOFT! The entire company is made up of nothing but blood-sucking, money hungry, giant vampires. OH! Bill Gates has done more to stifle innovation then the entire Soviet Block! Steve Balmer is a raving lunatic who should be locked up. The whole lot of them are evil. I mean, truly, completely, evil.

Let me explain. We FINALLY got licenses to actually run Microsoft Office 2003 here at Davis (because we employ evil VPs too…must be a requirement to become a VP…being evil. Ick). Well, I install it on my machine and suddenly…NO SHARED CALENDAR. Bam! That’s it. Done, gone. So much for department coordination and effeciency. Why is it gone? Because Microsoft removed the “Net Folders” feature from Outlook as of Outlook 2002. What good does that do me? Hmmm? What good? None! Now you MUST purchase M$ Exchange Server if you want to share folders. Well, guess what Billy! We won’t be purchasing Exchange, and this is the last straw! I am going to try as much as I can to move us completely away from your products. We’ll be migrating to Open Office (we’re almost already completely moved to Firefox), and as soon as Novell gets done porting Evolution to Windows we’ll be using that! If it wasn’t for the evil VPs I’d move us all to Linux and I wouldn’t need to worry about a decent email client port.

Steve Ballmer might think he’s going to kill Google, but I’m all for any company that might be able to stop the Microsoft giant from taking over the world and turning everyone who doesn’t agree with them into mindless zombies. Ick!


5 thoughts on “I hate Microsoft

  1. Dude.. They removed network folders? I didn’t know that…

    I never used Outlook for anything other than standard internet email, and ocassional “to-do” lists with my PocketPC until I took my current job. Now I use it for everything. Scheduling of all conference rooms at the hospital is done through Outlook, so everyone has to go through the Outlook interface. I’ve created a calendar and shared it with my supervisor so that we can both schedule Noon Lectures for our students, interns, residents, and the rest of the medical staff. We use the meeting invitation features for adding meetings to our personal schedules (I FINALLY know what Engfer meant when he wanted WebEvent at Davis). Now, I know we’re using Exchange Server, but I knew network folders worked without it, or at least, it used to…

    Sucks. You’re right though, most VP’s (especially at Davis) aren’t right… But not the one I mentioned in this post. He’s one of only two that I respect. *sigh*

  2. Pssht. Steve Jobs…
    Honsestly, I wish I could have a MacMini. Those are great.

    In related (Anti-MS) news, Firefox 1.5 Final is out. Sweet stuff…

  3. Very soon now, actually. Sometime in the next week or two we’ll be setting him up with his own blog. He also, at present, plans to make somewhat extensive use of it in Psalms class this coming semester…so I’m setting up some blog software on the actual Davis site.

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