Uptime Fun

Alright, so everyone knows that any true geek that runs a server has one desire above all others – uptime. We want good uptime, we want our precious servers to go a year – two -three without being rebooted. However, uptime is actually more than a geeky hobby. Let’s say you run a website (as in the case of Davis College). That website helps you recruit people. Perhaps you just have a fun personal site, still you want people to be able to see it. From that perspective uptime is important.

At Davis we discovered that students were often complaining of bad server time when it came time for them to have emailed an assignment to professors. By having a third party check on the uptime, it helps us to ensure that our servers are running as they should. Mr. Alert was mentioned on an email list that I subscribe to, and it has worked wonderfully. They offer a free service that checks your site every 15 minutes – you can have it check multiple pages, or multiple sites. There is also a “Blogger Edition” that checks every 10 minutes (in case you were wondering at my inspiration for this post). Beyond that you may pay per month or per year for checks down to one per minute. So, I mean – if you’re a geek – and you’re fanatical about your uptime (or maybe it’s really important that you have perfect uptime) you can have your site checked every minute for $250.00 a year, or $25.00 a month. I’d say it’s quite worth it, and I might try to talk Paul into taking the plunge for the school’s website. It would be a huge benefit and help in combating the, “The server was down so I couldn’t submit my homework” excuse.


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