Kingdom Hearts

Well, it’s been a while since I updated. But don’t expect anything profound in this post.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have beaten Kingdom Hearts II. Both Kingdom Hearts games for the PS2 have been wonderful (and I just got my brother-in-law Kingdom Hearts – Chain of Memories for the GBA). Anyway, the PS2 games have solid story-telling, good graphics, immersive gameplay, and incredible endings. The ending for KH2 is actually so good I sort of hope they don’t make a KH3 as I don’t know if they could really improve upon it.

I beat the first Kingdom Hearts back in May, and was given the second as a gift in the middle of July (thanks Tony!). Both games ended up around 36-38 hours of gameplay for me. But the world is so immersive it really flew by. In fact, I’ve half-jokingly mentioned to Mandy that I’m going to play through the game again and record all the cut-scenes. Then show those scenes as I teach through a series based on the topics that said scenes cover (faith, friendship, choices, doing the right thing, continuing on when the road is dark, never giving up, forgivness, and a host of others). I would really love to do something like that…afterall I’m a bit of a geek (fantasy and RPG geek, with a healthy dose of sci-fi thrown in), so I’d like to integrate that a bit with how I speak and teach.

Anyway, I guess I’m done rambling. If you have a PS2, two games that are well-worth it are Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. The idea of disney characters interacting with Square-Enix (ie, Final Fantasy) characters across a number of Disney worlds may sound cheesey, but the execution is nigh on flawless.


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