The Death of PC gaming?

So, I was exploring (see, told you that coming over to would get me to post more in the short term!) and I came across this post.

As much as I agree with most of the points the poster makes, I have to disagree with the conclusion that PC gaming is dead. Now, most of you know that I’m not really a PC gamer. I do occasionally enjoy the odd RTS or turn-based strategy game, but I certainly fall into the category of console gamer. My computer has no hope of running Supreme Commander. Yet I own a PS2, a Wii, and a DS (and yet don’t count myself among the Nintendo fanboys). I agree with Jeff that consoles can be bought and we don’t have to worry about firmware, drivers, or other assorted headaches. It really is wonderful. I buy a game off Amazon, it gets here – and BAM! I can play it, no messing with drivers, no “oops, should have looked closer my video card isn’t supported,” or anything stupid like that.

However, the idea that PC gaming is coming to an end? That I’m not so sure about. I think the PC still has some life left in it. To begin, most consoles can’t beat a keyboard and mouse for FPS gaming. It remains to be seen if the Wii can pull off a simple and intuitive interface for FPS games. If it can, than I think that is a nail in the PC gaming coffin, but not the last one. The other thing is, PCs today that can best the PS3 might be $2500, but in two years they’ll be much cheaper, and in four they’ll be “affordable.” Whatever that word means. Now, if Microsoft forces a new console generation in four years, then I think PC gaming might become endangered. But, at present there are some popular genres that still find their best expression on the PC (FPS and RTS) and in four years, a decent gaming rig will scream past the graphics of the PS3 or Xbox360. At least they will if history repeats itself. So, Jeff – I think its a bit early to declare that “Gaming PCs are dead.” Let’s talk when the next generation of consoles comes out, at that point things might have progressed enough in the console realm to start making predictions, then again maybe not. Time will tell, as they say.


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