Some people are less than knowledgeable…(part two)

So, Slashdot picked up the story today.

I’m not sure they’re completely right as the site itself denies being Christian or “religious.” No doubt the gentleman (?) on Slashdot are going to go up one side of the press release and down the other. They will be, in a word, unkind. However, to some extent, opened themselves up to it. The comments section on their own website is rife with people pointing out many of the flaws of their reasoning. More than one person has pointed out that although they may be trying to do something good, they went about it the wrong way.

I’m going to paste a comment left on this page by one of the website’s administrators.

Wow. Thanks for everyone’s lively comments. We appreciate it and think the discussion is great.

It might be important to point out that we are Wii fans. We have the console and love it. The release certainly got the conversation going but our aim was to be more educational than confrontational. Obviously, the latter seemed to come across 🙂 Also we are technology fans. Not haters. That’s why we use the web.

We also want to point out that this site is to help parents be informed about the issue of porn and the internet. Our goal is to help parents talk to their kids about these issues. Sadly to say we come across a lot of parents who simply dont understand technology and are not engaging with their kids period. This site is to help them. Turn the light on for them.

Finally, we would like to direct you to the page on the site that talks about parental controls that seems to have gone unnoticed on our site. We should of been more clear on the homepage Wii banner. Again, our point is to help parents, not attack Nintendo. For goodness sake, we love the thing.

Heres the link:

So thanks for the great discussion, feedback, and comments.

PS: In regards to this being some Christian Right Wing Republican site, I’m afraid that is way off. Unfortunately, has really misrepresented that point. But all is forgiven and no worries. I can just assure you were not Republican and were not Christian right wing. Those who know us have actually got a good chuckle today out of that one 🙂

Now, one portion of what he says seems odd to me. When you say something like, but our aim was to be more educational than confrontational. Obviously, the latter seemed to come across 🙂 you might want to rethink how you’re going about your efforts. If the goal was to be educational, then it might have been wise to avoid calling the Wii a “portal to porno.” That alone is a great way to communicate confrontation and fear, not fact. Trying to help parents understand that a Wii (or PSP, or cell phone, or – you know – brick and mortar store) could be used to gain access to porn is great. But certain phrases, such as “portal to porno,” are only going to scare parents – not help them make informed decisions. In addition, the whole paragraph about WiFi devices being able to access the internet from cafes, airports, and whatnot is factually accurate but serves no purpose in a press release regarding the Wii other than to generate fear. The Wii can not be used in a cafe or airport for the very reasons I pointed out yesterday.

So, my basic feeling on the whole issue is this: It’s a noble goal to wish to inform parents about things for which technology can be used. However, if is truly made up of technology lovers (as opposed to haters) they need to rethink the way they word things. There is no way they are going to do anything but inspire fear with the wording they have chosen. Finally, I remain unconvinced that this is not some attempt to drive additional traffic to their website.


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