Scot Mcknight on the emerging conversation

As I was reading over some blogs today I came across the blog of Scot McKnight, I’d visited before but hadn’t added it to my feed reader. Anyway, the information contained therein is extremely helpful. It eventually lead me to this essay that McKnight wrote for a conference at WTS. Interestingly enough a friend of mine attended said conference and has a few things to say about it. I would highly recommend reading McKnight’s essay if you are part of the emerging conversation or if you are trying to become involved in the conversation. It is a great attempt at defining the emerging missional group on its own terms, and it isn’t even that long. There is, for those of you who find reading unpleasant, a Christianity Today article that covers some of the same information (albeit in a much shortened form) available here. I’d highly recommend the original PDF by McKnight, it is much more verbose.

It would appear that God has decided to encourage me this week. My post yesterday concerning Michael Spencer’s thoughts on post-denominationalism and today reading a bit of McKnight gives me a small bit of hope that perhaps, out there, there are some who know what I go through and perhaps even agree with me. God is pretty cool. Of course I probably could have gotten that through my thick skull months ago if I really tried.

I also have a proposal I’ll throw out to anyone who happens by my blog. I’m very interested in having a conversation with some people regarding McKnight’s essay (not the CT article). Although doing this over coffee would totally rock, I think most of the people who read my blog live far enough from me to make such a meeting difficult. So, perhaps we could have a conversation via our blogs? It’s an offer – it’s out there. I’d love to discuss McKnights thoughts. So, if anyone is interested, let me know via the comments.


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