Top 5 RPGs

I thought I’d throw up something a little less heavy. So, the Top 5 RPGs that I’ve played to-date.

1. Kingdom Hearts series – I could start this off with the obligatory assurance that combining SquareEnix characters with Disney characters really does work, but I’ll refrain. Instead, I’ll say this: The game works well. It’s got a decent dose of the emotion that made Final Fantasy VII popular. The various worlds move by quickly enough so as not to become boring. If anything, both games in the series leave you wanting a bit more – which is always a good thing in my opinion. These two games alone are worth the purchase of a PS2. I haven’t played Chain of Memories (the GBA title), I’m keeping my fingers crossed the Final Mix+ comes stateside and I can play it on the PS2.

2. Knights of the Old Republic series – Wow. Just, wow. These two games were excellent, the first one was much better than the second. In fact, the second probably wouldn’t be on my top 5 if judged alone. But the first KotOR was incredible. It could almost beat out Kingdom Hearts for the number one spot. This game was what we all hoped every other Star Wars game would be. I still remember the plot twist near the end of the first game – it totally floored me. I was just like, “What the…that was awesome!” It was great. I’d highly recommend playing these two games, and if you don’t have an Xbox you can always grab the PC version.

3. Wild Arms – I’m speaking of the original (though Alter Code F wasn’t too bad). This was actually the first game RPG that my brothers and I played on the original PlayStation. We’d seen Final Fantasy VII, but didn’t own it yet. This game introduced me to console RPGs. The mix of wild west and medieval knights, with a healthy dose of science fiction really worked. The graphics are dated now, but I’d still play the original through if I could find it for less than $50.00 (which is itself a testament to how great this game is).

4. Final Fantasy VII – This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It’s often times hard to find a top five or top ten list that doesn’t include this game. This introduced JRPGs to the mainstream console market in America, and it was a great game. You probably agree with me, unless you’re part of the group that thinks the game was horrible, an abomination next to the glorious nirvana that was Final Fantasy VI. If you’re in that group we’d call you uber hardcore RPG gamer. This game is very memorable for me. I still think Sephiroth is the baddest baddie of them all. If I organized this list by who the best bad guy was, FF7 would be #1. Cloud also made a good protagonist, even if he was incredible angsty.

5. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time – This pick might surprise some people. I personally really enjoyed SO3. It was a fun game, with a very addicting battle system. Generally speaking I think Tri-Ace makes incredible games, and I’ll buy anything they make on a console I own. So, why number five then? Well, just look at the competition its got! More than that, Tri-Ace might make great games, but the endings aren’t always the best. I’d recommend anyone pick up this game. You can normally find it used for around $15 at your local EB/Gamestop, and its worth the purchase if you like RPGs.

I don’t know if that many people who read my blog are RPG gamers, but if you are I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on my picks, and even what your top 5 might be.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 RPGs

  1. I’m not convinced that Pokemon counts as an RPG – though it is fun. 🙂 Maybe once I play FF Crystal Chronicles I’ll have to change up my list a bit.

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