So, I am expecting a call either tonight or tomorrow from Hampton Falls First Baptist. I’m hoping that this call will consist of me being informed that the search committee has voted to recommend me to the church council. I’m waiting anxiously for the call. Even if they decide that Mandy and I are not a good fit for the church up there, God has taught me a lot. Aside from just learning more about interviewing and what not, I’ve also been reminded that worship styles and the like do not “make the church.” Mandy and I tend to prefer a more contemporary worship style (though we both enjoy liturgy as well). However, HFFBC is not contemporary by any stretch of the imagination. Yet it was so refreshing to me when I mentioned having a prayer time with students in their chapel and no one looked askance at me. They accepted that that could be a viable option for ministering to and with students.

So, I wait – patiently, I think. God has also taught me quite a bit about myself through this interview process. I’ve learned to battle and defeat (hopefully) some old demons. I’ve been reminded that no church is perfect, and to wait around for one that is would be simply foolish. For those of you who talk with God regularly, please remember Mandy and I as we seek God’s will in this, and also remember HFFBC as they seek to find the person that is a good fit for them.


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