To the writing of books…

…there is no end. Or so says Qoheleth, both of them it appears. As many of you know, I’ve been trying to read more books recently. I recently asked for suggestions on Christdot. I received some good recommendations and my Amazon wish list has grown.

The problem with this is that there really are so many good books. Then there are books that might not be “good” but that one should really read and interact with anyway. I just want to get all the books on my wish list, take a week off, and read them all. I also noticed something interesting with my wish list on Amazon, though it should really come as no surprise. It’s a bit biased towards the Hebrew Bible. So, I need to find some good books on the New Testament or NT issues as well. Now, if only people could stop writing books for a year or two so I could catch up. 😉


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