Myspace and social networking

I really don’t like myspace. I think it looks tacky. I find it’s difficult to navigate. I really dislike it. But, everyone else on the planet seems to use it. Since I want to talk with some of my friends and family who use it, I guess I need an account. So, I have a myspace. So, yay for me?

Now, I may dislike myspace, but I do think that social networking is quite interesting as a concept. The whole idea of collaborating and being able to easily contact friends and see what they are up to appeals to me (hence the reason I always try to frequent the blogs of people I consider friends). Case-in-point, today as Mandy and I were out buying me a new mouse we ran into a girl we knew from one of the youth ministries we worked at during college. As we talked myspace came up. She wanted me to add her. So, somehow this idea of online worlds and online friends works itself out in the physical realm as well. I like that concept. I like the concept of people working together and collaborating.

Take for example. I have an account there. I like the fact that I can access my bookmarks from anywhere, and that I can tag them. Very cool. So, that alone appeals to me. But part of is the social aspect of networking with people and seeing their bookmarks (the idea being that people you know will have bookmarks that are interesting to you). In theory I might then add those sites to my bookmarks and thus more people have “approved” the site. It’s a great way to filter all the content that’s out there on the web.

So, I think social networking is really a fascinating topic – perhaps one I shall explore at more length later. Even so, myspace isn’t really somewhere I want to lose hours of my life.


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