Waiting no more

Well – I got a call from Pastor Dan at Hampton Falls. They’ve decided to not pursue me further for the position. Dan said that they had wanted to have a unanimous vote and that there were a few members on the search committee that didn’t have a peace about things. This is better than “you don’t like games,” but it doesn’t really help me to improve my interviewing skills or to know that there was something specific that just didn’t fit with Hampton Falls. So…back to the drawing board I guess.

This is pretty difficult. I think the best way to describe my emotions right now would be…numb. I’m not in tears. But it is difficult. I just got done holding and being held by Mandy. We’re scared for the future. I need a job if we’re to go to seminary this fall. It doesn’t have to be in ministry, but I’ve been unable to find a part-time tech job. I could just flip burgers, but whatever I do needs to pay me enough so that Mandy and I can have food on the table and pay the bills. Then you’ve got a host of other questions running through my mind: am I not good enough? Does God just hate me? What could be the point of this? Why did God “tell” the church that we weren’t the couple for the job, but didn’t seem to indicate that to us? Were we not listening? How do we walk this journey in faith, and yet be wise? Is there another church up there at which God will open an opportunity for employment?

I’m tired. I want to go to seminary and now I’m really on a time table for finding a part time job that pays enough and has flexible hours and I don’t have any prospects. For those of you praying for us, please continue to. If anyone out there in cyberspace knows of a ministry employment opportunity working with teens or in Christian education in the Boston/North Shore area please let me know. If anyone knows of a place looking to hire part time anything with flexible hours – please let me know. Thanks.

DISCLAIMER:I apologize if the above turns out to be incoherent babbling.


3 thoughts on “Waiting no more

  1. Crap. The only thing I can offer is that knowing is at least better than not knowing. So much of ministry is “fit.” Try not to take it personally. It doesn’t reflect badly on you that they didn’t snatch up such damn fine youth guys such as yourself.

  2. Hang in there. When a door closes, look for a window. They don’t always open out from the third story looking over a ravine… 😉

    Patience, Peace… and Tenacity to you both.

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