Random Readings 07-04-2007

Another week has gone by. I’ve read one book, I’m working on the second. God’s Peoples took me longer than I expected. Alas, I guess that’s what happens when you receive three DVD sets (in this case, Stargate SG-1 season 9, Boy Meets World season 2 and Quantum Leap season 2…and we’re still not finished Stargate Atlantis season 2, this is what happens when Mandy has a birthday and already has more games than she can shake a stick at.) Now – where was I? Ah, yes! Books! So I finished God’s Peoples and am working through The Prophetic Imagination.

God’s Peoples. Not a bad little survey. I had a blast reading it. In some ways it was very depressing because after 300CE the church basically goes and gets in bed with various governments and from there on out church policy is pretty much tainted by political ambitions. Even the Reformers fell into this template. Religious wars tore Europe apart following the Reformation. I fear it is basically impossible for the church to ever be unified again, at least before the return of Jesus. On the bright side though, the book has helped me to identify some other areas of interest in church history. I’m quite interested in the Jesuits, so if anyone happens to know of a good book outlining the history of the Jesuits I’d be very interested. I’m also interested in a good tome on church history pre-Constantine.

The Prophetic Imagination. First things being first, I’ve only just started reading this book. It’s not large, and I’ll probably finish it today or tomorrow. Nevertheless, I’m hardly beyond the first section, so I can’t really give a proper summary of my thoughts on the book as a whole. However, his initial polemic against the church becoming encultured resonates with me. Basically Brueggemann says that part of the prophetic ministry is to challenge the dominate culture which oppresses and exploits. The idea is that prophets criticize and energize.

Coming Up:
I have no idea this week. Mandy and I may be going out to the local Christian bookstore today, and if so I’ll probably pick up something. If we don’t get down there today, then I’m honestly not sure. My wife has encouraged me to read some fiction as well, preferably something of the Dragonlance variety.


One thought on “Random Readings 07-04-2007

  1. Try some Terry Pratchett! After I finish this chapter (hopefully tonight) I hope to read something fun as well. But, I’ve got two books to read for the Emergent Village and a paper due to SBL by 4/16 😦 Oh well, no rest for the weary.

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