A New Computer – The Order is placed

Well, I’ve done it. I placed the order for my new laptop that I hope will serve me well for my three years of seminary (and hopefully beyond, since I most likely won’t be able to afford another one right after seminary). After several weeks of thought and many conversations with friends, I decided to go with an HP that was slightly more expensive than an Acer I was looking at. The HP, however, had several features that placed it above the Acer. So, the computer that I ordered looks like this,

HP dv6000z:

  • AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 (2.0Ghz)
  • 2Gigs DDR2 RAM
  • 120GB HDD
  • Nvidia Geforce Go 7200 (64MB dedicated RAM and up to 192MB shared)
  • DVD +/-/rw
  • 1 Six cell and 1 twelve cell battery

It also comes with Windows Vista Home Basic, which I will promptly erase. I’m planning on using Ubuntu 7.04 on this laptop. Some of the eye candy available with XGL and Compiz is pretty cool. I don’t know if I’ll use it as my default window manager, but it’ll be nice to show off to friends who think Vista is the only OS that has window effects. Beyond that, Compiz is still pretty early in the development cycle, and I want my laptop to work.

Regardless of whether I use Compiz or not, I am looking forward to taking off the Microsoft shackles and jumping to Linux. I have a friend who’s become a Mac geek. He assures me that Leopard will rip apart the Feisty Fawn. Admittedly Mac has some nice features, but I can’t wait to get my Linux system setup. I’ll post here when I get things setup and running, after I get the laptop. I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen in Ubuntu 7.04 so far. The live CD beta automatically detected several wireless cards in various laptops that we tested it in. The impressive thing about this is that we were able to have a completely functioning wireless connection out of the box. For those who’ve used Linux before – you know that wireless networking can be a pain depending on your chipset. I’m sure there are still some that will give headaches for Linux users, but so far any laptop I’ve put the live CD into has worked great, out of the box, with no problem.


5 thoughts on “A New Computer – The Order is placed

  1. I’ll probably run gnome. That’s primarily because its the default in Ubuntu. I like KDE for its many virtues, but gnome is just clean and simple.

  2. FWIW, KDE used to have better Hebrew support. I haven’t used Gnome in probably two years but when I had both going, KDE worked better for non-English keyboard issues

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