Digital Camera

Mandy and I have been married for nigh upon three years. We were recently discussing our years of marriage and beyond that just the number of years we’ve known each other (nine years on Oct 6, 2007). We then realized that we have no pictures! I mean, literally, no pictures! We have our wedding pictures. We have a few snapshots from the honeymoon, and a few odd pictures here and there – but by and large we have no pictures of our three years of marriage. So we talked about it and decided we needed to buy a digital camera. A little research and a few amazon searches later we had purchased a Panasonic Lumix LS70.

The Lumix LS70 is a 7.2 Megapixel point-and-shoot camera. It has a 2-inch LCD, about twelve scene modes and most other standard features for a ~$150 point and shoot camera, including a 3X optical zoom. We are pleased with it. I’m excited because it uses SD cards which means I can easily load images into the Wii. It also means that if we don’t need the 1gig card for pictures, I can use it to backup our VC titles from the Wii. It seemed like a pretty safe purchase. As I’ve said, we’re pleased with our purchase so far. We’ve had the chance to take some snapshots and we even have one or two that we might order some prints of. We use Picasa to organize the photos and do some basic touchup and effects. Picasa is doubly cool because there is a Linux version (although I think this version uses wine) which should work great on my new laptop, when it gets here.

We’ve actually had the camera for about a week now, but I hadn’t taken time to blog about it. Below are two pictures taken with the Lumix. They’re freebies I picked up at the ETS meeting today.

NOTE: It would appear that I somehow incorrectly uploaded the pictures to wordpress, and so they refuse to display.

UPDATED NOTE: It would appear that I’ve got it working. WordPress doesn’t like .JPG, only .jpg

etsjournal.jpg translatingtruth.jpg


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