April 16 Winter Storm

If anyone has been watching the news during the last twenty-four hours you’ve probably heard about two stories. The first, at least in terms of lasting impact, is the tragic Virginia Tech shootings. My day, thankfully, was not impacted by the events in Virginia. It is a truly sad day.

There was a certain amount of excitement for Mandy and I today. It involves the second big story of the past twenty-four hours, the storm that blasted the Northeast today. In Binghamton we picked up about ten inches of wet snow. This morning it was really beautiful as I walked outside. The snow clung to the tree branches and I was able to use our new digital camera to take a few snapshots. I may actually use one of them as my desktop background. Of course, the problem with wet snow is that in addition to being beautiful, it is also heavy. Heavy enough, it appears, to cause tree to, shall we say, dismember themselves. In a perfect world this dismemberment could very well go without notice. However, ours is not a perfect world. Ours is a world full of power lines. It is a little known fact that trees and power lines do not, in fact, enjoy each others company. I have been informed – by reliable sources – that power lines like trees even less when they fall on top of them. Needless to say, we were without power for a short while this evening. To make matters additionally frustrating when the power did return our cable internet refused to work. That little issue has been fixed as well.

So, I now recline in front of my desk realizing that for all my frustration at being without power and internet for a few measly hours it is nothing compared to the loss that some are having to endure today. How selfish can I be? Quite selfish, it would seem. For those of you who may be interested, you can view some pictures of the snow the storm dumped on us below.

April ’07 Winter Storm

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