Gotta catch ’em all!

Well, tomorrow Pokemon Diamond and Pearl release. I’m a fan of the Pokemon series. From what I’ve seen in some videos (Note to parents: There may be some inappropriate content for children in a few of the sidebars on that link) of Diamond and Pearl, it looks like the graphics are a bit improved over Emerald, et al. Its nice to see the graphics take a step up, and no doubt the formula that has seen this franchise become second only to Mario in a short ten year span will continue to dominate. I was tempted to go to the Nintendo World Store in New York tomorrow, but Mandy put a stop to that line of thinking.

Will I pick up Diamond and Pearl tomorrow? Probably not. I’ve still got Lunar Knights on my backlist of DS games to buy and play. What Mandy and I really need to do is pick up a second DS so we can actually trade and battle our Pokemon! But that’s not really on the docket at the moment either. So, I’ll be content to continue making my way through Xenogears on the Playstation, and I’ll probably pick up Lunar Knights in the next week or two and start playing through that. I also have Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic coming from Amazon, which I can’t wait to play through again. It’s one of my all time favorite RPGs. So, one game on the Playstation, one game on the DS, one game on the PC, and I suppose we’ll throw in Ocarina of Time which I’m playing off and on via the Wii VC. Very cool.

To all those of you who will be snatching up Diamond and Pearl tomorrow, good luck filling up those Pokedexs!


2 thoughts on “Gotta catch ’em all!

  1. I had pre-ordered both for the kiddos. AMOF I did this right after we met up here in MA! So, this morning before church I got D&P as well as two free styli and an a bonus styli holder that even the local GameStop didn’t know they’d have till this morning. Hmmm… free swag….

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