Thoughts from the Old Republic – Introduction

For those of you who don’t know, one of my favorite games is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I recently picked up a copy of the PC version from Amazon. I’ve started playing through the game, and I’m enjoying it as much as ever. I recently had an epiphany after reading a post on my boss’s blog. I figure if someone can write a book on Jedi wisdom and Christianity, I can certainly post some of the topics and issues the game brings up as I think about them.

So, I thought I’d lay down some ground rules and explanations about what these posts will deal with. It would perhaps be best to begin with what I won’t be doing. I have no intent to force (no pun intended) analogies between Star Wars and Christianity. There will probably be some posts that don’t even deal directly with Christianity, as much as they deal with current issues and my thoughts about them as seen through the lens of this game – because I am a Christian my faith may play a part in these discussions, but the post will not be about Christianity. I am not going to feel forced to come up with a moral issue for each post as I play the game. All I’m intending to give are my thoughts as they are stirred by playing the game. Hopefully I’ll have something substantive at some point.

How am I going to go about this? Well, Knights of the Old Republic is split nicely into about seven or eight sections. After I complete a section I’ll post any thoughts that I’ve had bubble to the top of my mind. If things don’t really work out with it, then I’ll trash the idea.


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