Mother’s Day Thoughts

I had an excellent Mother’s Day this year. Mandy and I spent the night at my brother and sister-in-law’s house on Saturday, surprising my mom (and dad) who were also spending the night there. We went to church as a family, and then went out to eat. We had a great time. I think my mom really enjoyed herself, which is good. This will probably be the last time in the near future that she is with all three of her boys on Mother’s Day. This isn’t going to be easy for her. Being a bit of a momma’s boy, it’ll be difficult for me as well.

Moving on from Mother’s Day proper, after Mandy and I had said our goodbyes, we headed back home. On our way back here, we passed through Mansfield, PA – the place my parents used to live and the area in which I spent the majority of my teen years. Mandy and I were talking, and its interesting because since my ‘rents have moved out of there it really holds nothing for me. I probably will never visit there, never see the old house that I lived in. It’s just interesting that a place from which I have so many memories is now just some kind of footnote in my life. I’ve always considered Cumberland (the place I grew up as a kid, and the area in which my parents now live) my “real home.” But most of my memories from there are from when I was younger, with a few select memories from visits as I grew up. I’m not going anywhere with this, I just found it interesting as we drove through on the way home.

I hope everyone else had a fun/happy Mother’s Day.


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