N.T. Wright on Falwell

N.T. Wright wrote a brief blurb about Falwell last week. I wanted to mention it on my blog because I think it is an excellent example of the humility that we can show each other within the Body of Christ. I have no doubt in my mind that Wright would have disagreed with much of what Falwell taught, especially when it came to prophecy and Evangelicalism™. Still though, Wright was able to pen a truly open and honest eulogy for a brother in Christ. I find that to be incredibly appropriate. It is no doubt something that I can learn from.

I have been reminded again and again recently that God’s “economy of grace” (as Wright puts it) is much larger than I act like it is. I realize that we are all one Body, but living it is a bit more complicated. Sometimes I disagree strongly with people, especially those within what I, and others, term Evangelicalism™- this is at least partially because I grew up there, and as such see many of its flaws. Even with this background, I still need to remember to be open, honest and most importantly, loving to other members of the Body of Christ. I disagreed with Falwell, and although I have sought not to criticize him or his policies since his untimely death I think I need to go further. I need to realize, as Wright has, that he was living what he thought was an accurate interpretation of the Bible. Yes, I disagreed with his interpretation – vehemently at times. But that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a brother of mine, in Christ.

So, I look forward to the day when we shall, as Wright puts it, look back on our disagreements “like an adult looks back on childhood squabbles in the playground.”


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